Roland O.

Tournament Experience: Finished 2015 Ranked #5 In New England in Open Level. Ranked Tied For #3 In New England

Highest Rank

Years Teaching: 7 Years Full Time

​Teaches Adults, Kids, and Teenagers

Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced

My lesson plan will include a lot of work on technique and hitting to build consistency. Proper grips and swings are essential to becoming a consistent tennis player. The best players are the ones who are the most consistent with their grips, backswings, and swings. If you watch players on TV, you will notice they hit the same shot nearly every single time. If you watch players who don't know how to play, you will notice how their swings constantly change. Making tennis simple is essential to becoming a good tennis player. As my students progress, I will focus more on footwork, strategy, and match play. I have taught tennis full time for the past 7 years and have taught players of all skill levels and ages. I have taught advanced 4.5 players and also have taught a ton of beginner players. One of my students started with me as a beginner and ended up getting a ranking of top 20 in New England in the 10 year old division. Anything that you are having a problem with, I will be able to correct those issues. I have plenty of references if you need any.

​​Improve Your 

*Forehand             *Strategy

*Backhand            *Develop Consistent Strokes

*Volleys                 *Win More 

*Overhead            *Serve

*Match Play


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Perfect Your Form 

Win More  



Less Frustration

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